Why You Need a Cordless Impact Driver

If you haven't yet purchased a cordless impact driver for yourself then you have been seriously missing out on one of the best all-purpose power tools that you can find. Cordless impact drivers can handle a variety of different tasks and when compared to standard cordless drills they almost always come out on top. Before you get into the specifics about which models are the best for you and your specific needs, itís important to understand why these tools are so great to begin with.

Starting at the beginning, the way that cordless impact drivers work ends up creating more power with more speed than a traditional cordless drill. Impact drivers have a spring loaded internal system which generates rotational torque. It's important to note that the "driver" system doesn't kick in until a particular threshold of torque is crossed. At that point the driver functionality automatically begins, sending you the extra power and speed you need to work through any difficult task.

The name for the impact driver itself is derived from the impact of the cam and gear system within the tool. However, don't get these confused with hammer drills. The bits on hammer drills move in and out, however all of the action with an impact driver is within the tool itself.

Therefore when compared to both standard drills and hammer drills, an impact driver ironically will keep the impact that your body deals with down to a minimum. You don't have to use all of your force to maintain control over the tool as its own power makes it difficult to grasp. You'll keep your strength and you'll be able to work for hours without any discomfort, pain or fatigue. Your arms and your wrists will thank you.

Another great reason why you need a cordless impact driver is that you will be able to get a lot done in a minimal amount of time. You won't have to struggle and instead can zoom through one task to the next. You will increase your productivity and ultimately you will finish your job quicker. That's a fantastic bonus whether you are completing a job you were hired for or you're crossing off another item on your home to-do list.

Of course, one of the key factors for why more and more people are switching over to impact drivers is the wide range of uses that they have. Some people are surprised that cordless impact drivers can actually serve as drills as well. With the majority of materials, you'll be able to use your impact driver as a stand in drill without any trouble at all.

This gives your new tool even more potential uses, and will leave your old, bulky drill sitting in the corner collecting dust. In addition to serving as drills, impact drivers will be able to drive lag bolts and complete other heavy duty tasks, and the chuck will enable you to easily switch out bits for any potential job that you need handled.

Some of the greatest advantages with impact drivers actually have nothing to do with their great power, speed and functionality. The design itself of these handy tools gives you a leg up over people using standard drills.

Impact drivers are both smaller and lighter than their drill counterparts. This will make your life much easier, as cutting the weight by as much as half or even more in many cases will enable you to wield the tool for much longer periods of time without getting tired, feeling pain or worrying about control. Additionally, the smaller size of impact drivers will enable you to easily get into tough to reach places, making them ideal for many around the house activities from cabinet construction to plumbing work.

The bottom line with cordless impact drivers is that they are versatile, powerful and easy to use. They are lighter and smaller than cordless drills, and can fill in for many of the same tasks. You'll save your body some wear and tear as well, as jobs that used to be tough no longer even break a sweat. If you're ready to take your work to the next level, whether you are a professional contractor or a weekend do-it-yourself guy, then it's time to purchase a cordless impact driver.