How Does a Cordless Impact Driver Work?

Cordless impact drivers are some of the hottest power tools on the market today. They are winning over everyone from seasoned professional contractors, plumbers and electricians to the everyday guy who needs to fix up his house by completing some repairs on the weekend every now and again. It's important to understand how a cordless impact driver works however so you can clearly see why this tool is so advantageous.

When you first get started using a cordless impact driver, you will be basically wielding a powerful, fast cordless drill. The impacting mechanism of the cordless impact driver won't be activated until the torque required to continue driving rises above the torque that can be generated from the rotational power of the drill itself.

At this point, the impacting gears automatically begin working, delivering an extra boost of power that will have you quickly and easily completing tasks that used to be major headaches. A hammer attached to the motor rapidly pounds into an anvil, which is attached to the bit. These quick, powerful strikes, or impacts, supply the extra torque and give the impact driver its name.

Keep in mind that despite this hammer system, cordless impact drivers are not hammer drills. The bits of hammer drills actually move in and out, whereas the bits of impact drivers stay put. All of the work is taken care of inside the tool, which enables you to handle everything from drilling holes to driving lag bolts and installing cabinets or ducts.

Just How Powerful is a Cordless Impact Driver?

Of course the specific power, speed and torque that cordless impact drivers have will vary from model to model. Generally, impact drivers will be able to deliver 3,000 bpm, or blows per minute, which translates to 50 blows per second. The RPMs delivered will typically be in the 2,500 range.

Cordless impact drivers can also deliver upwards of 1,000 inch-pounds of torque, and in some cases as much as 1,500, which absolutely obliterates the amount of torque you receive from conventional cordless drills. It all adds up to an extremely powerful and functional tool that can be used by just about anyone, for any purpose.

Benefits to the Cordless Impact Driver

Now that you know how a cordless impact driver works, you'll also want to find out all of the benefits to this tool. For starters, the way the torque is transferred within the tool means that you don't have to deal with any external forces that make it hard for you to hold on and control, as with a conventional drill. This makes your job easier and will also enable you to keep working for a longer time, without feeling any stress or pain in your wrists, hands or forearms.

Another benefit derived from the way that cordless impact drivers work is that your productivity level will soar. The increased torque means that you are going to be able to speed through one task to the next, and you'll never be held up, regardless of what you're trying to complete. When combined with the light weight of impact drivers, you'll be able to completely throw fatigue and discomfort out the window. Jobs will get done faster, and when you do need to work the ease of use will enable you to stay strong as long as necessary.

An added bonus is that you will enjoy a longer battery life with a cordless impact driver compared to a cordless drill. Impact drivers do not drain any additional power when they call for more torque. This means they last longer and you won't be stuck with a dead tool when you're working to complete a job. Nothing is worse than having a battery run out and not having any replacements on hand to help you get back on track. The long charge life of cordless impact drivers help to alleviate this concern.

The cordless impact driver is a unique and powerful tool. Acting as a fast drill to begin with, it then kicks itself into a higher gear when necessary, and begins generating additional rotational torque through the use of what amounts to an internal hammer and anvil system. The benefits are clear, with a faster, flexible, more powerful tool that will stand up to nearly any challenge that you can throw in its path.