What is a Cordless Impact Driver Lithium Ion Battery?


Many power tools, including cordless impact drivers, are now being made with lithium ion batteries. These batteries gained prominence in their usage with small electronics, such as cell phones. However, they are now used successfully in a variety of applications, including power tools. Li-ion batteries actually have many advantages over standard NiCD or NiMH batteries which directly translate into benefits for those using them in their power tools.

Lithium ion batteries work very similarly to other types of batteries. Lithium ions move from the negative to the positive side of the battery, and vice-versa, in order to supply electricity. When being used, lithium ions are inserted into the cathode (the negative side of the battery) to the anode (the positive side of the battery). When charging, the reverse process takes place.

The transmission of the lithium ions is made possible by highly conductive liquid electrolytes within the battery. Of course, Li-ion batteries are rechargeable and the many benefits they have over standard batteries transfer excellently into the world of power tools.

Benefits of Lithium Ion Batteries

The largest benefit to Li-ion batteries is that they are capable of supplying much more power than their counterparts. Many side-by-side tests show that otherwise similar power tools using Li-ion batteries last longer and complete more difficult tasks than those using other batteries. This increased power will give you the confidence you need to take care of any job or chore.

In addition, Li-ion batteries also tend to be lighter than other options. This is because lithium stores a great deal of energy in its atomic bonds, which means the energy density of Li-ion batteries are much higher than with nickel or lead batteries. Ultimately, you need as much as 50% less lithium to generate the same power, leading to a smaller and lighter battery. Conversely, by keeping weights and sizes similar, the power that you can generate is substantially larger with Li-ion batteries.

Not only is the power greater, but you'll also be able to store your charger for longer periods of time. A lithium ion battery can maintain its charge for well over a year when not in use, compared to just a few months with standard batteries. This is perfect for the do-it-yourselfer who may complete only a few, small jobs around the home each year but demands performance and readiness when the time comes.

Additionally, Li-ion batteries do not have the dreaded "memory effect". The memory effect of a battery is the problem in which battery life is decreased as a result of the battery adjusting to prior usage. If you fail to wait until a battery is completely discharged, the battery gets used to not needing all of itself, and the remaining portion of the battery becomes wasted, resulting in shorter usage times. However with lithium ion batteries in cordless impact drivers, you can charge the pack whenever you want without fear of decreasing its functionality.

One final benefit to note with the Li-ion batteries now used in many cordless impact drivers is that they are more environmentally friendly. You can dispose of them without fearing of the damage you're causing, and without needing to take any extreme precautionary measures.

Lithium ion batteries certainly seem to be the wave of the future when it comes to cordless impact drivers. They are more powerful, and they keep their charges longer without losing capacity to the memory effect. They can also be made lighter and smaller than batteries with similar powers. A cordless impact driver with a Li-ion battery is a sound investment that will produce superior results.