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9.6V Cordless Impact Driver Reviews If you're a home do-it-yourself enthusiast, then you may be interested in purchasing a 9.6v cordless impact driver. For a relatively low cost, you'll be able to purchase a power tool that is going to be able to handle almost all of your driving needs around the home. In fact, a 9.6v impact driver is going to provide many times more torque than larger drills that cost more money. The line of people switching to cordless impact drivers continues to increase. That's because regardless of the size, power and specifications of the cordless impact driver that you need, you are going to be seeing more results in less time than you would if you were using a standard drill. Additionally, you'll spend less money for a tool that is going to last a longer amount of time and be able to handle a larger amount of tasks. Cordless impact drivers come in many different sizes and voltages. The 9.6v impact drivers are the lowest powered drivers that are commonly produced. You may be able to find ones that utilize smaller batteries, but this is really the beginning of the line in terms of models that multiple brands and manufacturers produce. Keep in mind, a 9.6v cordless impact driver is not going to meet the needs of most construction workers or professionals. That's because the batteries by nature will have less working time. In terms of torque, you'll still have more power than you would with many larger drills and you'll be able to handle a variety of different tasks and chores. But when lasting power is important and you have hours of work to complete, you need something with more juice. For small projects around the house, or for a contractor such as an electrician, plumber or HVAC technician whose projects don't involve driving all day long, a 9.6v is the perfect match. There are many different brands that produce 9.6v cordless impact drivers that you may be interested in. For example, the Bosch Impactor 9.6-Volt Cordless Impact Driver offers best in class speeds, up to 3,200 bpm, while delivering a good dose of power to the tune of 950 in/lbs of torque. An even more powerful 9.6 cordless impact driver is available from Dewalt, which offers 960 in/lbs of torque. The Hitachi 9.6v is another solid choice, offering 930 in/lbs of torque in a small six inch frame. Some of the most popular 9.6v cordless impact drivers come from Makita. Makita offers less torque in its class than some of the competitors mentioned above, but you'll still get much more power than you would with drills. Additionally, the long lasting Makita drivers offer more precise control and handling. The Makita 6903VD 9.6v delivers 608 in/lbs of torque with 2,800 bpm and the 6990 9.6v delivers 790 in/lbs of torque. You'll see that there are plenty of affordable and powerful 9.6v cordless impact drivers on the market today. The small, light frames will enable you to get in and out of tight spaces, whether you need to finish and install some cabinetry or handle a variety of household chores. For a DIY enthusiast or a contractor with only light driving needs, a 9.6v cordless impact driver will be a great match.
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