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Dewalt Impact Driver Reviews When you're looking for the best that money can buy, your number one choice may just be a Dewalt cordless impact driver. Dewalt cordless impact drivers are amongst the highest rated products on the market today for this type of power tool. They offer fantastic power, great flexibility and functionality and outstanding durability. There is no job that they won't be able to handle, and their performance won't be beat by any other brands or manufacturers. Professionals flock to Dewalt cordless impact drivers because the bottom line is that they offer nearly unparalleled power. When you have a long day at a job site ahead of you, you want to be prepared with the best tools that you can find. A Dewalt cordless impact driver won't let you down, and won't ever leave you in a bad spot. You will come to trust these tools in any situation or environment. However, just because you're not a construction worker or a contractor, it doesn't mean you don't want a great tool for your around the home projects. Do-it-yourselfers also love Dewalt cordless impact drivers because there is no fear of a letdown with them. Whether you are building yourself a deck or remodeling your kitchen, you want to get the job done quickly and you want to get the job done right the first time. In addition to the impressive power that a Dewalt cordless impact driver comes with, you also receive precision control abilities that make handling any task as easy as possible. There are several different models of Dewalt cordless impact drivers that you may want to consider. Starting from the top of the line, the DC825B is an 18v cordless impact driver that provides a whopping 1,330 in/lbs of torque. You can operate at up to 2,700 bpm and as with all Dewalt tools it is built to last and features a comfortable, easy to use grip. The 18v Dewalt cordless impact driver is also available with a Li-ion battery for increased battery durability. The 14.4v Dewalt cordless impact driver delivers an impressive 1,240 in/lbs of torque and also operates at up to 2,700 bpm, which is the maximum for all Dewalt cordless impact drivers. The 12v delivers 1,150 in/lbs of torque and the 9.6 volt offers 960 in/lbs. From top to bottom, all of these models are extremely powerful and functional. Dewalt cordless impact drivers are certainly on the upper-end of the spectrum of available impact drivers on the market today. However you certainly get what you pay for and the price tag will seem like a bargain when you see the quality, precision, power and strength that you end up with. With one of the Dewalt cordless impact drivers hanging up in your garage, your only concern will be preventing your neighbors from borrowing it all of the time. For a professional contractor, your tools are your best friends, and they are also what help to separate you from others and complete excellent work. A Dewalt cordless impact driver will be more than up to the task. For a cordless impact driver that offers long life, heavy-duty power and fantastic flexibility and speed, Dewalt is an excellent choice.
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