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Panasonic Impact Drive Reviews When most people think of Panasonic, the first thought that comes into their minds won't be power tools. However, Panasonic cordless impact drivers are well known to be some of the best products on the market. They are respected for a variety of reasons, including their power and their durability, as well as additional features that help to ensure that they are easy to use. Panasonic of course is a leader in the battery industry, and therefore you should expect that their cordless impact drivers be well equipped. You won't be disappointed with the battery life in a Panasonic cordless impact driver, that's for sure. They charge quickly, they last for a long time and they provide tons of power. Panasonic cordless impact drivers are also beloved for their comfortable grips and overall design elements. They have simple, comfortable and ergonomic grips that will help keep you from getting tired and will also help to prevent slippage. The weight on every model is kept at a minimum, and is also evenly distributed throughout the tool to help ensure you stay on point. You'll be able to hold and use the tool with one hand without any issues at all. Many of the Panasonic cordless impact drivers come with more features as well. Most come with an easily accessible belt hook that will let you quickly stow away your tool and deal with something else, and many also come with a built-in LED light that functions automatically with trigger control to help preserve battery light and illuminate dark spaces. A popular model from Panasonic is their 14.4v Li-ion Impact Driver. Weighing just 3.1 lbs, it can deliver 1,330 in/lbs of torque and utilizes a high capacity lithium ion battery. It's more than powerful enough to handle any kind of task that may come up on the job, and you'll be able to work continuously for a very long time. It just might be the best combination of power and light weight in an impact driver on the market today. The 12v 3.0Ah NiMH Impact Driver provides 867 in/lbs of torque while weighing just over three pounds. It's powerful enough for driving lag screws but has enough precision to be used for car repairs, air conditioning work and more. The more powerful 12v 3.5Ah NiMH Impact Driver from Panasonic delivers 1,060 in/lbs of torque and weighs closer to four pounds. Panasonic also makes a 12v cordless impact driver with a digital clutch. It offers three operating speeds, soft, medium and hard, delivering a maximum 1,060 in/lbs in the hard mode but limiting itself to 530 in/lbs in soft mode, allowing for precision and control. There are also several other models of Panasonic impact drivers, each offering various benefits and advantages. One of the top choices for professionals, a Panasonic cordless impact driver will make your life easy on the job. Great battery life, fantastic power and many additional features will give you everything you need to get the job done right. They may not be the cheapest impact drivers on the market, but you will be hard pressed to find tools that perform better in tough work environments.
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