Rigid Cordless Impact Drive Reviews

Rigid Impact Drive Reviews One of the many brands offering cordless impact drivers today is Ridgid. Ridgid cordless impact drivers do not get the recognition that many of the other brands receive, however is that because of a lack of quality or another factor? The truth is that for the right person, a Ridgid cordless impact driver can be an excellent choice. Some construction workers or everyday professional contractors who end up with a Ridgid cordless impact driver may feel like their tool isn't up to the task. However that's not to discredit the tools, because it's all about matching your tool with your expected usage. You can't buy a sports car and expect it to tow your boat or have the trunk room to help you move. Likewise, you can't buy a midrange or entry level power tool and expect it to have the power or durability of an expensive, professional grade model. Ridgid cordless impact drivers aren't really meant for construction workers or everyday usage by professionals. They are meant to be quality, affordable tools that a homeowner or handyman can pick up to complete some odds and ends every now and again. If those are your goals, then a Ridgid won't leave you disappointed at all. One available Ridgid cordless impact driver is the 12v right-angle model. Unlike most cordless impact drivers, it doesn't look like a smaller version of a drill, but instead looks perhaps more like a flashlight, with a nearly vertical design. It's built for getting into tight spaces and working with precision. So while it may not live up to the requirements that a construction worker has, an electrician or plumber that needs to have tight maneuvering and pinpoint control will find it very useful. It delivers 700 in/lbs of torque with a maximum 3,100 bpm. A popular Ridgid cordless impact driver is the Ridgid R8823, which is actually a dual voltage model. The tool itself can be used with either an 18v NiCD battery, or a 24v lithium ion battery. It offers a very impressive 1,490 in/lbs of torque and delivers up to 3,300 bpm. For heavy duty purposes, you get a lot of bang for your buck with this moderately priced, powerful cordless impact driver. If you are looking to keep your budget intact and get a modest cordless impact driver for around the home usage, then a Ridgid may be just what you're looking for. For an affordable price they deliver a good amount of power and will be able to live up to their expectations. They can also be used for a variety of specialized needs, for example the tight maneuvering that the right-angle model offers and the heavy-duty applications of the dual voltage model. They are great for the do-it-yourselfer looking for a tool to handle the occasional project or chore, although a contractor looking for an everyday tool will likely be interested in something more durable.
Rigid Impact Drive Reviews

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