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Ryobi Impact Driver Reviews For do-it-yourselfers looking for their first cordless impact driver, or professionals looking to stock up and supply their whole outfit with their own tools, Ryobi impact drivers are an excellent choice. After using a Ryobi cordless impact driver, you may be left wondering, why would I spend so much more on a different brand that does the exact same thing? The main selling point for a Ryobi impact driver is the price. They are extremely affordable, and fall well beneath the price ranges of every single other brand on the market today. That's why professionals buy them in bunches, allowing all of their workers to have their own tools. For a homeowner looking to round out their own toolkit, you should not pass up on the opportunity to save yourself so much money when you can still get a high quality tool. Many people are scared away by low priced items, whether it's an electronics purchase, a car or a tool. People are afraid that you lose quality when you pay so much less than what other brands are available for. However, with a Ryobi cordless impact driver that should hardly be your concern. The main Ryobi cordless impact driver is the 18v One+ model. It delivers 850 in/lbs of torque and weighs just 3.5 lbs. It's durable and sturdy and will be able to handle most average tasks that you will need completed. It certainly isn't designed to take care of the harshest of tasks, but for most people, that kind of functionality and power is never needed to begin with. If you can save yourself such a substantial amount of money without losing anything that you might need in return, why not jump at the chance? One impact driver from Ryobi is actually a corded impact driver, and therefore operates from a plug instead of a battery and charger. This is the Ryobi Variable Speed Clutch Driver, and it comes with a 24 position clutch to control torque to the finest level possible. You will be impressed with the different settings, how easily they are to switch between and how much precision they allow for. You'll never have too much or too little power ever again. The bottom line with Ryobi impact drivers is that they are amazingly cheap. For their price, they will not only live up to, but will exceed your expectations. They are quite comparable to models that cost hundreds of dollars more. Will they handle harsh, heavy duty tasks? The truth is that they aren't built for the harshest of tasks, but most people know they never need that kind of power to begin with. For professionals, the low price lets you stock up on high quality tools, and for do-it-yourselfers, you can put the money you save into something else that requires it and still end up with a functional, quality impact driver.
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